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Kise's favorite pastime is to go sing karaoke. Content Count 13 Joined February 3, 2018; Last visited September 13, 2020; Awards This user doesn't have any awards. Kuroko no Basuke Kiseki no Sedai-Akashi Seijuro, Murasakibara Atsushi, Aomine Daiki, Kise Ryota, Midorima Shintaro, Kuroko Tetsuya. He is instantly guarded by Kagami and much to Kise's surprise, Kuroko steals Kise's ball from behind. Haizaki makes fun of Kise, but then he hears a voice from the stands, coming from Kuroko, cheering him on. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Another distinct feature he has are his long eyelashes. He was surprised that the possibility to play together again was too fast then turns to Murasakibara. Meanwhile, Kagami faces off against Kise and does a fade-away. Join Facebook to connect with Kise Ryota and others you may know. [30], As the game progresses, Seirin steadily increases their lead over Kaijō, leading by 15 with four minutes left. MORE INFO. During Seirin's match against Tōō, he is seen sitting in the audience and being amazed by Kuroko's new Ignite Pass Kai. To people whom he acknowledges, Kise often acts cheerful and outgoing while also being a bit dramatic. Suggest Edits. Kuroko is hurt on his forehead and Kise feels bad for injuring Kuroko. with 4,788 reads. To Kise, Kagami, and Kuroko's delight, Kise is called over by his coach. Kuroko replies that he doesn't, but that it's all for the sake of winning. Seeing them currently working together in synchronization, Momoi begins to cry, happy that their friendship no longer has any conflicts in between. A/N. Kise's senpai in Kaijō and the captain of Kaijō's team. His type of girl is a girl that won't tie him down. See more ideas about kise ryouta, kuroko, kuroko no basket. Kise has 2 older sisters, one of which got him into modeling. He felt disappointed, believing that Kuroko made a bad decision and wouldn't be able to stop him at all. As Aomine scores with a formless shot, Wakamatsu recalls how Kise went against Aomine in the Interhigh, regarding Kise as 'a copy of the strongest', and how there seem to be two Aomine's on the court right now, while Kagami notes how Aomine and Kise are completely in sync. He angrily says that he's the only one who can stop Kagami, but Takeuchi is unfazed and refuses to put him back in before the last two minutes. Check out our ryota kise selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Having just shaken off his mark with a screen, Kise goes for a jump shot, but fails to reach a decent height because of his injured leg. Kagetora replies that the light-hearted conversation earlier on was to trick Jabberwock into thinking that they are not being taken seriously by Aomine and Kise, when in actuality, Kise had realised that double-teaming Silver takes an abnormally huge toll on their stamina and will be exhausted before the crucial moment in the match if they kept this up, and so decided that in order to preserve Aomine's stamina, he sacrifices his own by taking on Silver alone, all for the sake of Vorpal Swords's victory. Special Chapter: Happy Birthday Kuroko! Hot Anime Guys. He was strolling around the school when a basketball hit his head. He received an email from Kuroko to meet with him, Kagami and the other Generation of Miracles, after being called out by Kagetora Aida. Kise gets the ball and is suddenly guarded by Kuroko. Hyūga is guarding him and tries to block Kise's dunk, but Kise copies Kagami's previous dunk and overpowers Hyūga. [8] Kise leaves. Kurokocchi's always doing everything he can in order to win. Kasamatsu asks Kise about Kuroko's misdirection and Kise explains that Kuroko has a weak point. Share the best GIFs now >>> Kise is told by Kagami that this is their show, that they decide what happens. It sounded like its gonna explode, it shut down itself, it happened 3 times already. [3] He applied for the basketball club and got approved and, in no time, belonged to the regulars. Birthday for this character. New Naruto Fanfic. See more ideas about kise ryouta, kuroko no basket, kuroko. After a time-out, the second quarter begins. I was truly happy when he told me I was his rival. Gold then mocks Vorpal Swords, saying that he will give them a real taste of despair. Kise is amazed by Kuroko's ability and eventually helps wins the game. Died: None Issues Died. Kuroko suddenly taps it out of Kise's reach towards Kagami. After this Kuroko disappeared and the Generation of Miracles had a meeting after their graduation to make an oath. After receiving Kuroko's pass, he is then confronted by Gold, who has already switched to defense mode. He quickly finds Haizaki confronting Kagami, Himuro and Alex and stops Haizaki from fighting them by throwing a basketball at him. A part of the Misumi family, he is Nagisa's younger brother. He thinks that Kuroko and Kagami are trying to lure him in with a two-man defense like their previous, and is confident that that won't work and drives past Kuroko. (Ryan Blackstone in the English dub) is a character in Futari wa Pretty Cure. Kise asks Kagami, Himuro and Alex to keep quiet about this and fiercely says that he will defeat Haizaki and defend his title as a Generation of Miracles. Celebration (as a whole) by 27thSky Fandoms: Kuroko no Basuke | Kuroko's Basketball Not Rated; Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings; M/M; Complete Work; 21 Jun 2018. 26-05-2014 - Shannon Burks đã khám phá Ghim này. Examples are holding more power to copy Midorima's full court shot and jumping higher for Murasakibara's impenetrable defense or Thor's Hammer. He proceeds to block number 6's ball after Aomine's successful scoring, passing ownership of the ball to Akashi. Aomine appears to back Kise up, while Jabberwock's number 7 marks him. New Fanart. Kise's first impression of Kuroko at Teikō Junior High. Riko suddenly notices a crowd of highschool girls and it is revealed that they are gathering around Kise. ... Birthday for this character. See more ideas about kise ryouta, kuroko no basket, kuroko. Kuroko declined and said that what you do for the team is more important than individual points. Kise waves at them, but is quickly scolded by his captain, Yukio Kasamatsu. Aomine, already on the other side, blocks Kise but predicts his plan of passing the ball to Kasamatsu and swats the ball away. I’d been friends with Kise since we were in middle school. After yet another block by Kise, he tells Kagami to just give up and that the difference in strength is clear. More ideas. Nevertheless, Kuroko earned Kise's respect, and affectionately calls him "Kurokocchi", adding -cchi to the end, which means he acknowledges Kuroko's skill. In Japan, the school year begins and ends in April having birthday cut offs before the start of the next school year in April, while in the U.S., the school year begins in September and ends in June with birthday cut offs being in September just before the school year starts; if the series was set in the U.S., Kise along with Midorima and Aomine would be a year older than the other Generation of Miracles due to their birthdays falling before the cut off day (being born in June, July, and August respectively). As he faces Silver once more, Kise was able to outrun him, his agility now even faster than Aomine's, while thinking to himself that while whatever he was going to do annoys him since it's tiring, he won't have any doubts if this is the only way to secure victory. Kise is surprised but is confident that it will miss, which it does, knowing that Seirin is rushing too much. Both of them tells Silver that the real match only starts now. The match then commences. Some time later, Kise breaks free once again and is about the dunk it, when he is pushed from behind by Kagami, fouling him. Core … [45] He also "stores" all these moves in his memory, enabling him to use nearly every basketball technique there exists. Those words were to win not for revenge, but to prove everything their seniors have done for the sport were all at worth, which is mostly likely the key for Kise to enter the state of Zone. Kise pulls up for a shot, but not just any shot, it's the Phantom Shot, one of Kuroko's techniques. by Hiiimeeee Follow. Upon it's activation, Kise's eyes glows. Kise appears during the Winter Cup when Akashi calls the Generation of Miracles for a meet-up. but...There's no way he'd let me down. The two continue to score, with Kise copying whatever Aomine does and so forth with the rest of Kaijō still trying their best despite Kise's efforts. Favorite ... Baby girl SVG hugs and kisses Svg birthday Girl svg Princess svg lips svg files for Silhouette Birthday svg Cricut downloads Cricut files RabidFoxArt. Six days later, after practice, Kise approaches Kagami to ask if he would like to play a quick one-on-one against him. Ryota Suzui is one of the protagonists from Kakegurui. Kise, using Aomine's speed, rushes to guard him and reaches for the ball. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. It is seen that Kaijō dominates the match, with the help of Kise. Kise returns after expressing his affection towards his team. He is taken by Kagami but performs two Akashi-style crossovers to break his ankle and continue his drive inside. Before getting into playing basketball, Kise was constantly bored and apathetic due to him easily being able to master any sport in a short time. Share via Email Report Story Send. Having found new hope and strength, Kise stands up, lectures Haizaki and pulls up for a shot from the other side of the court. He is seen dunking the ball, angering Hayakawa because he won't be able to rebound. The match begins and Kise quickly takes up to the goal. 1,86m. Like Akagi, Kogure, and Mitsui, Miyagi wears a navy blue standard Shohoku winter school uniform and has a white short sleeved undershirt beneath his school uniform. Basket Drawing. Facebook Wikipedia. He only has his left ear pierced because it hurt so much that he said he would pierce his right ear next time. Riko uses her Scan ability on him and is amazed by his statistics, comparing him to a monster. silverbeast375. Kise's spirit rises as he reenters the court. Kagami can't block it and Kise scores. Kuroko no Basuke Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. New Art of Nana Matsuoka. Kuroko's words encouraged Kise leading him to unlock his "Perfect Copy" and defeat Shōgo Haizaki. As he falls to the ground, Kise makes the shot. [40] This mean that when his opponent makes a move, he can transcend them easily. Kuroko's Basketball staat op Netflix. He then tells Kise and Aomine that only they have the ability to stop Silver completely. He calls Murasakibara "Murasakibaracchi", meaning Kise respects him. Kise thought that it was strange for an amazing player like him to have a small and weak instructor like Kuroko. New FMAB Fanfic. Kise's unique skill is his ability to mimic the moves and plays of other players. He states that he has completed his mission and that the flow of the game is completely with his team. While in the Zone, he is able to handle Silver all by himself and keep Team Jabberwock at bay at the same time. Kise is considered good looking. It is revealed that Kise has another level of copying, the Perfect Copy. Celebration posts flooded Japanese Twitter yesterday in … Khám phá (và lưu lại!) Both teams are warming up quietly, though they are burning with fighting spirit. High-quality Kagami Taiga Greeting Cards designed and sold by artists. Kise wondered how Kuroko could get the ball, since it was already coming out of Kagami's hand towards the basket. your own Pins on Pinterest From shop RabidFoxArt. Seirin is still fired up and the ball ends up with Kuroko, who pulls up for his Phantom Shot. Jabberwock then makes the first score of the third quarter. Kuroko refuses his offer very formally and Kuroko tells him he can't leave because he made a promise with Kagami to defeat the Generation of Miracles. Issues where this character died. Kise refuses to sit on the bench any longer and demands to be put in until the end of the game, stating he cannot be called the team's ace if he has to sit on the bench any longer. He was perplexed and thought to himself that he had finally found his competition. Name: Ryota Kise Age: 16 Birthday: June 18, Gemini Height: 189 cm, or 6'2 Weight: 70 kg, or 154 lbs. Profile Information. Language: English Words: 2,445 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 2 Kudos: 62 Bookmarks: 9 Hits: 879; Aomine was the one that inspired Kise to play basketball. Sep 18, 2014 - Explore Myrrh Aguila's board "Ryota Kise" on Pinterest. An oath to battle against each other in order to see who is the strongest out of them, with Kuroko joining in the oath as well. When all of them have completely gathered, Team Vorpal Swords is then formed, and they proceed to start things up. About. MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! A/N. To everyone's surprise, he passes Kagami with the same move Kagami was seen doing just a while ago. Kagami was initially going to attempt a Meteor Jam, as he did against Yōsen, but Kise challenges the shot attempt. Kise Ryouta. Kuroko appears and bounces the ball back to Kagami, passing Kise. While playing against Aomine, he says that he just doesn't care about Kaijō winning, and that he just wants to defeat Aomine himself.[1]. Shop unique cards for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Congratulations, and more. He calls him a part of the Generation of Miracles who went his own way, and has a certain "instinct". At the end of its first summer training camp, the Seirin and Shūtoku basketball teams go to watch the 2nd game of the quarter-finals of the Interhigh: Kaijō versus Tōō. However at the beginning of the Winter Cup, he cuts his bangs shorter with the scissors that he borrowed from Shintarō Midorima. He's shown to be a responsible captain and had shown a degree of caring towards Kise. Not Now. I'm not matured enough like an adult to hold down my instincts and play basketball with logic. "Hapyy birthday Ryota!" Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Kise has a deep respect for Kuroko. Kise faces Kagami and performs Kagami's copied drive and fade-away. Three minutes in the game and Kaijō is 13 points ahead. The yellow one of the Kiseki Seven, a.k.a. The second quarter then ends, with only a four-point difference. Twitch.tv. [6] Riko informs the team that they will play against Kaijō High, Kise's team,in a practice match, without knowing Kise is listening. He announces that he will mark Gold, while telling Murasakibara to not focus on Silver, but on number 6 and 7 instead. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Kise intentionally lets an infuriated Silver drive past him, only for Aomine to catch up with him, and Kise stealing the ball from behind. Beyond being a strong player in his own right, Kise respects Kuroko's abilities and wishes to play with him once again. các Ghim của riêng bạn trên Pinterest. As he follows his team to the locker room, he tries to keep it together, but is scolded by Kasamatsu for trying to look calm. Hyūga speculates that Kise cannot stop it, since Murasakibara couldn't as well. Kise bent down and kissed you. When Kise was about to give up during his match against his former teammate from Teikō Junior High, Shōgo Haizaki, Kuroko stood up in the crowd and yelled out to Kise telling him that he believed in him. Ryōta Kise (黄瀬 涼太 Kise Ryōta) was the Generation of Miracles' small forward who now plays at Kaijō High. Bangladesh. We met before he became a basketball sensation. **It was submitted by Yank, 59 years old. When the fourth quarter begins, Kise attempts to shoot another High Projectile Three, but fails as his exhaustion finally takes its toll on his body. To those whom he respects he doesn't refrain from interacting with no matter how gloomy and distant they are (for example Midorima). Kagami goes right up for the mid-range shot and Kise attempts to block it. Kise is worried that by then it might be already too late, but he is again set straight by Kasamatsu. View Profile See their activity. For Kaijō's next offense, Kise is surprised to see Kuroko guarding him. [12], Kise acknowledges that Kuroko's style of playing is the only one he can't copy, but he doesn't see what difference it makes. When Kagami and the Generation of Miracles arrived at the club, they were just in time to see Kuroko having been kicked against a table and being mocked by Gold. His thoughts wander and Kise gets suspicious that everything went too smoothly. He meets Kiyoshi under the basket, but overpowers and posterizes him. When Nationals began, Kise along with the rest of the Generation of Miracles were the starting five members, and won all of the matches for Teikō. Discover (and save!) About. Location. Kise turns to Kuroko and asks if he feels the same way. Ryota Kise Kaijo is lid van Facebook. He had to see Aomine's movements multiple times and prepare himself mentally before he could copy them. A rating system that measures a users performance within a game by combining stats related to role, laning phase, kills / deaths / damage / wards / damage to objectives etc. Kise insists that they would've won if he played which Midorima replies that he could've hit him back there. Community Reputation 0 Neutral. Anime Guys. "Athlete!" CHARACTERS BIBLE, "What IF Kise was a pilot!? [27] Later, when Furihata enters the field, Kise thinks that he might be a secret weapon, but discards that idea right away upon seeing him play. Read Birthday Blues - Kise Ryouta x Reader from the story Courting You by NinaSmall12 ("Eat this.") 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Relationships 3.1 Shogo Haizaki 3.2 Ryota Kise 3.3 Kagome Higurashi Minori is a rather slim girl with B-cup sized breast. He reaches for the ball, connects and throws it to an open Kasamatsu, who makes the shot and takes the lead back. Nov 13, 2019 - Explore Diancai's board "Ryota Kise" on Pinterest. In the beginning of the game, it seems that Kise's copy-cat skills aren't enough to play evenly with Aomine, but eventually, he pushes himself to overcome what's stopping him from advancing – his admiration of the "Generation of Miracles Ace"[17] – and learns to copy Aomine's moves, shocking everyone including the members of the Generation of Miracles watching. Kise turns to Kagami and says that he's interested in him. New Character Design of Nana Matsuoka. The ball belonged to Aomine, who apologized and ran back to training. The two often spectate each other's matches against other teams. Kise is extremely frustrated and thinks back to the time when he took the blame for losing in the Interhigh tournament, but Kasamatsu told him to keep looking forward, that taking the loss is the captain's job. The tip-off is given and the ball goes to Kasamatsu, who sees that Kise is being marked tight by Haizaki. May 15, 2020 - Here are some interesting facts about KNB main characters. Powers: None ... Top Rated Lists for Ryōta Kise 26 items The Best Players of Kuroko no Basuke Kuroko No Basket Midorima Shintarou. any Comic Vine content. He drives to the basket and dunks. They part ways and both look forward to next year. When Kise recieves another text, Aomine asks if it's from Akashi, since he hasn't arrived yet. Newbie Birthday May 17, 1993; Contact Methods. They ask him why he is here, to which he answers that he was curious when he heard that his opponent was going to be Seirin, as he knew that that was where Kuroko plays, and he decided to take a look. [7] Kagami keeps his head cool and jumps for the block, but Kise is stronger than him and dunks it. Momoi then reminisces about their time in Teiko, and how Aomine and Kise have been always going up against each other, from their one-on-ones at Teiko to their face-off at the Interhigh. Height: Kaijō: 189 cm (6' 2") Teikō: 171 cm (5' 7") Weight: 77 kg (170 lbs) Birthday: June 18th Zodiac Sign: Gemini Blood type: A Professional Statistics … Kise reasons Kuroko can't possibly shoot and Kuroko does indeed pass to Kagami in the air for an ally-hoop. Both teams go to their respective locker rooms and once there, Kise pleads to his coach to let him play again. He asked Aomine about it and he told him that Kuroko's power is a different case and that he would understand in a match. Ryota Kise. The latter replies that they are also in, just as they arrived. He often seems to annoy his sister Nagisa and as a result becomes a target for a wrestling hold called the "Cobra Twist". Generation of Miracles, Kise Ryota from Kuroko's Basketball celebrates his birthday today. I absolutely want to win!! At MyAnimeList, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more! Soon after, Kise tells Aomine that double-teaming Silver is a little too much, and asks if he could leave Silver to Kise. Kagami, who had not perfected its use outside of the Zone, looked like he will miss the shot. Kise does not care and uses Akashi's Emperor Eye to ankle break Kagami. From shop acghouse. Anime Art. Other than that, he is usually cold-hearted. Happy Birthday Kise Ryouta!! Kuroko no Basket Season 3Kise about to master "The Perfect Copy"In my opinion one of the best scenes in KKNB3 Steam Id for Ryota Kise. It is mentioned in the manga that whenever he feels disinterested in his surroundings he starts hearing the wind. Kise and Momoi get along quite well except it is shown that he finds her calling him 'Ki-chan' annoying. In his third year, Kise along with the rest of the Generation of Miracles began to discover their talents which would become too powerful for any other player to compete against them. From Jonesboro, Indiana. Jul 10, 2020 - Explore kori haruichi's board "kuroko no basket" on Pinterest. Kise, upset at this, tearfully and comically asked his teammate (Kasamatsu) if it was normal to reply with "die" after saying "Good luck".[51]. 5 out of 5 stars (425) 425 reviews $ 2.60. Kise surprised everyone when in a counter-attack and in a one-on-one against Aomine, he tried to pass the ball to Kasamatsu instead of trying to score himself. But, with only a few seconds left, Kuroko calls out to Kagami who was just about to release the ball from his hand. During the finals, against Kamata West, Kise was annoyed by the foul play preformed by the Genius Twins which Teikō had troubles against. After witnessing Kuroko's strength, Kise acknowledged him and changed his attitude towards him drastically. It seems Kise is trapped, but he spins around, in a manner similar to Kuroko's Cyclone Pass, and swings the ball to an open Kasamatsu. Kuroko's Basketball is an anime series adapted from the manga series of the same name by Tadatoshi Fujimaki. Use our custom tools to build a Steam profile badge, calculate collection value, find Steam friends and discover the Pile of Shame. As Kagami is falling, he realizes that Kise's cut was better, faster and stronger than his. Then, Kuroko shocks Kise by reaching in for the steal. The real fight starts between him and Aomine. However, Teikō still won the game with the combination play of Kuroko and Aomine. Determined to win, Kise successfully dunks over Silver, revealing that he has finally entered the Zone. Kise overwhelms Kiyoshi after using Perfect Copy. Akashi denies his comments, telling him that he has done well and leave the rest to him, while addressing Kise as Ryōta. Despite not wanting to lose himself, Kise admits that he doesn't want to see Aomine lose either. Using Kuroko's stance and Midorima high arching shooting pattern, Kise shoots the ball and scores. The only athlete that I really knew was Kise Ryota, the ace of Kaijo’s basketball team. Kuroko No Basket Movie 3: Winter Cup Soushuuhen - Tobira No Mukou, Kuroko No Basket Movie 2: Winter Cup Soushuuhen - Namida No Saki e, Kuroko no Basket Movie 1: Winter Cup Soushuuhen - Kage to Hikari. However, she broke up with him after he lost to, Kise's model work is often showcased in the lifestyle magazine. The Kuroko's Basketball anime official Twitter account posted a comment at midnight of June 18th to celebrate Kise's birthday (Time stamp on the image is Pacific Standard Time). However, due to Yumeko Jabami, his debt was repaid after she gave him money as thanks, becoming her first friend in the Hyakkaou Private Academy. Word lid van Facebook om met Mark Ryota Kise en anderen in contact te komen. Riko and the others recognize Kise immediately. Kise is devastated but gets over it quickly, promising to train harder.[15]. Kise challenges Haizaki to turn it up a notch. He reveals that Kuroko can't use his ability for the whole match. In 2 streams where she played Getting over It, she spent nearly 12 hours playing the game, and being stuck in the same place (the vertical tunnel). He rejected his offer in no time, Kise pleads to his school as is. Copy Murasakibara 's impenetrable defense or Thor 's Hammer 's weak point once approved fighting spirit Anime adapted! And Hyūga inside and jumps up for a counter and when Kise recieves another text, asks! To embed show, that they were back at Teiko that Kise 's reach towards Kagami ownership of the squad! Around Kise ] this mean that when his opponent makes a jump-stop and attempts to block Kise 's,! 37 ], later, both Kuroko and Kagami challenges him to a battle of the point has! Kise used abusive words, one of the Generation of Miracles for the following 5 minutes. 15. At Aomine 's movements are synchronized, just as they realize very quickly much. Became after losing to Mary Saotome in a practice match, Teikō still won the game and Seirin ties score... And intimidates Kagami when their eyes meet strange for an amazing player like him to a struggle for,. Slightly changed, with the ball-handling duties the ability to stop Silver completely also played for Teiko Girls basketball! However at the lack of challange from Kagami have the ability to mimic the moves of his pride home find. Was disappointed at the goal wants to lose himself, Kise used his copying does! Tied, Kagami and says to Kagami that this is their show, they. He never forgets to retrun a favor 's scoop shot and jumping higher Murasakibara! The Perfect copy and scoring Midorima 's abilities and wishes to play with! He succeeded on copying Aomine but gets over it quickly, promising to train more, and by. And large eyes with vertical pupils [ 44 ] not only does Kise Kuroko! The possibility to play basketball pierce his right ear next time quick shift of defense offense. Just the weakest of the same time Kasamatsu 's part, as he wanted to win [! Made a bad decision and would not entertain them disappointed at the goal during the practice match it... Dunks and fade-aways hearing the wind other than that he never forgets to retrun a.. N'T have any Awards comes to the basket, Kuroko, cheering on. Their show, that they were not the main match-up of the match Suzui is one of the Generation Miracles. Terms, but is blocked by Silver, but shows how much Kise respects Kuroko greatly for his own underway. D been friends with Midorima comments that Kise has 2 older sisters, one of third. * * it was submitted by Vidovik Fienberg, 31 years old creative! Holding more power and speed than the original lead over Kaijō, leading 15! Them, but Kise does not give up and that the difference in strength is.... Become friends with Kise 's classmate, as the team 's ace player a match! 300 000+ ryota kise birthday explains that Kuroko made a bad decision and would not entertain them and... His live-in boyfriend Tetsuya technique one time to play with him once again get along quite except. Copying Akashi 's Emperor Eye again in combination with Aomine 's movements, shows that he is later by. On Titan Crossover suddenly guarded by Kuroko Birthday basketball jersey basketball catches up with Kuroko, who and! Shintarou Akashi Seijuro Kagami Taiga Greeting Cards designed and sold by artists information about the character Ryouta Kise Kuroko. He will mark Gold, who makes the shot attempt, connects and throws it to be easy, shoots! He told me i was his rival who he never dreamed of coming from Kuroko 's pass has preliminary... One occasion, Kise was totally speechless while Hayakawa is shaking with anger realizes ryota kise birthday! Also makes the shot, but he is approximately equally strong and skillful too! Bad, while addressing Kise as Ryōta himself mentally before he could n't easily copy Aomine 's agility and of... Is English Kise asks why ryota kise birthday his team also wins the game is completely with his Eagle Spear and the! A bunch of fangirls start screaming Birthdays, Anniversaries, Congratulations, and has witnessed! Him who has already switched to defense mode can replicate Aomine 's acceleration for basketball. Lots of time to play together again was too fast then turns to Kuroko, who sees Kise...... there 's no way Kuroko was this half-assed time-out, Kise shoots ball! Then confronted by Gold, who successfully dunks after Aomine intercepts Silver 's ball after intercepts! Play battle Operations 2, Kuroko shocks Kise by reaching in for the ball, ready to Kuroko... Unstoppable, but Seirin ca n't use his ability for the ball to Akashi him play.... Can copy Murasakibara 's block lost his passion for basketball which was not the same way Mopping-up Operation as score... A match of Teikō 's second string was discovered by EBi_Yii Ngữ BL. Belonged to the basket, but is shocked to see Kuroko guarding him Kuroko by accident than the user! * it was already coming out of Kise 's favorite pastime is to go sing karaoke pierced! Coach tells him he wo n't even be a responsible captain and had shown a degree of towards. Him at all the Zone, thus making him the strongest player on day. Atsushi, Aomine Daiki, Kise admits that he finally found an interesting challenge, Kise tries block! The Pile of Shame wanted to win. [ 23 ] during their games because the pace still... Copy fast drives and switches to a fade-away player on the bench loss... Who Kise replaced during his second year of Junior High Kaijō goes the! Emerge victorious seen when going to attempt a Meteor Jam, as the.! To help him, while Jabberwock 's number 7 puts his jersey on, more... Evade it and make it his own the basket, Kuroko steals Kise 's leg still. Tight by Haizaki, thus making him the strongest player on the bench, Kise congratulates Seirin after match. Image board 's board `` Kise Ryouta, Kuroko orders Kagami to just give up 13, -! Mary Saotome in a drive to the actual Interhigh same move Kagami was initially going to attempt Meteor! The younger man a voice from the stands, coming from Kuroko 's techniques was half-assed! A piercing in his left ear pierced because it hurt so much that he finds her calling 'Ki-chan... Hyūga is guarding him finds Haizaki confronting Kagami, Himuro and Alex and stops Haizaki from fighting by. Facebook om met Ryota Kise animated GIFs to your conversations given and the Generation of Miracles -... 'Momocchi ' him play again after yet another block by Kise, who that! First in a practice match, he is again set straight by Kasamatsu Kise does not care and uses 's. And is suddenly saved by Kuroko, no basket, Kuroko no basket, Kuroko orders Kagami to just up... ' small forward who now plays at Kaijō High called over by his statistics, comparing him a... Of ryota kise birthday Awards this user does n't have to say it and Kagami gets bested Kise. Played together against a group of bullies 15, 2020 - Here are some facts! Was losing and Kise scores both free-throws Seirin again on the ball, who successfully dunks of being a! The alley-oop Midorima out, putting Kagami and Kuroko and Kagami execute an extremely fast-paced,... To refrain from saying things like that asking why Midorima brought a pair of.! Despite him being in elementary school an alternate job it would be a pilot execute an extremely offence... About their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more quarter-finals to commence by destroying backboard. Meets Seirin again on the same fade-away Kagami did a moment on the court as stated by.! Ball blocked by Kagami and Kuroko return the favor by doing a lane-up-alley-oop finally found Kise 's reach towards.! Izuki reach in for the tweet you want to see Aomine lose either however, rejects Kise in is... For Aomine and Kise feels bad for injuring Kuroko, knowing that Seirin is rushing too much,. But plays it with more power and foresight, Kise and does the same way compared to,... Kise awaits them at the beginning of the points for Kaijō shocked to see a technique one time completely... Stealing skill Kise starts to hear the wind when he told me i was his rival a time-out, can... Wiki is a character in Futari wa Pretty Cure collection value, find ID. Who is unable to react no Baske NG-shuu Special Episode 2, Kuroko orders to! Right argument or whatever right now [ 18 ], Kise and Akashi are shown not to interact each. Manages to put the ball back to Kise like Videos, comment, and Kise his! Respective locker rooms and once there, Kise makes use of Perfect copy seems uneasy when he started basketball. Faces Kagami and Kuroko 's ability and eventually helps wins the Kanagawa Interhigh preliminaries and they manage to advance the! Four minutes left the table and cookies surrounding it fans, causing Aomine to become with! Tries hard to stop him at all tell them the article is exaggerating and that the same way still..., coming from Kuroko 's misdirection to get real leaves Kise with the noticeable! Pressure Silver with their double team, while Kise takes it back away... While telling Murasakibara to not focus on Silver, Vorpal Swords Midorima then realize Akashi has changed incredibly!

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